Church and state in Italy, 1947-1957.

The management of intellectual capital and its implications for business reporting

Peaceful parent, happy kids

Physics in the food industry

The nature & effects of the new-found well at Kinghorne: declared by William Barclay, Master of Artes and Doctour of Physicke, and written in a letter to my lord the Earle of Dumfermeling, and Chancellar of Scotland

Minutes of the ... annual session of the Northeastern N.C. Baptist Middle Ground S.S. Union


Complete introduction to photography

Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik Ibn Anas

Principles and techniques for predicting future demand for urban area transportation

An essay on the law of bailments

Shidduchim Shalom Bayis and Beyond - Building a Bayis Neeman BYishroel

New England Quilt Museum quilts

Architectural drawing and light construction.

Water resources development technical corrections.

Work time and employment

Psychological disempowerment in undergraduate classrooms

Towards 2001 - the future of the Exeter sub-region.

writers situation, and other essays.

Psychological and sociological factors in sport

turf-cutters donkey

Pilgrimage theology in the documents of Vatican II

Private secondary education in the Association of Colleges and Secodary Schools of the Southern States

law of the sea and ocean development issues in the Pacific Basin

fertility survey in Japan of 1952.

Scottish crown jewels and the ministers wife

Benefics and malefics.

List of assize rolls 1206-1481 preserved in the Public Record Office.

mind in healing

Wood energy

Fast ion mass spectrometry and charged particle spectrography investigations of transverse ion acceleration and beam-plasma interactions

Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments

journey from St Petersburg to Pekin, 1719-22

English-Russian, Russian-English dictionary

Diet in health and disease

Dreams Are for Tomorrow


Field performance of timber bridges.

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination


To provide proper compensation for hearing impairments, the Labor Department should change its criteria

clearing in the forest

Still life draped stone

Swayed Pines Song Book

Henry Goes West

Oil fields of the Greater Pittsburgh region

Following printed trails

Santon, 1707-1837

For the Relief of John Wesley Jones

Fruits and fruitculture in the Dutch East Indies

French parliamentary committee system.

Into the Wild

Coffee House cookbook

Miracles boys

Acquisition reform

Foreign Market Study

Project ideas for young scientists.

[Design submitted for a building for the Library of Congress.

Electron microscopy of thin crystals

Register of Hereditary Peers who wish to stand for election as members of the House of Lords under Standing Order 10(Hereditary peers:by-elections).

Providing for the consideration of S. 738, Amtrak Reform and Authorization


legacy of Oka

The Mississippi River Campaign, 1861-1863

Oregon Trail

declaration of Indian rights

Terminal mirage


Economic and social progress in the Second Development Decade

Historic hardrock mining

Minutes of proceedings. [1953-1954]

Dying With Dignity

Contemporary authors

The second part of Philomythie, or Philomythologie